Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B.I.G ben's independent grocer, Solaris Dutamas

3 of us did some shopping at topshop last week n we plan to wear them out together.hehehe. So, yea we went to Publika for brunch. We chose Plan B since Sy babe never been there.

  3 Gals =D
Before Plan B, we went to B.I.G ben's independent grocer. i always come here for my grocery shopping although the price is higher than regular supermarket. sounds stupid? hahaha. Of coz there r some reasons. =D roughly list out 10 reasons.
1. I can easily get the things/ingredients i want.
2. vege and fruits r confirm 100% fresh. 
3. it is near my place, 15 minutes drive.
4. like the environment and organization.
5. there is an organic and gluten free section. 
6. some cafe and restaurant inside, convenient for me to grab coffee.
7. seafood section. selling fresh seafood such as oyster, salmon sashimi  
8. there is a moocow n boost stall outside it. me love moo n boost.
9. go for brunch/dinner at those cafe/restaurant in Publika.
10.stuff r friendly and helpful
 Banana PHONE
BIG smile-was playing with Ss's banana
Ss is a vegetarian, so she bought some food at B.I.G ben's independent grocer incase she cant get any food at Plan B. Yes, of coz Plan B serves vegetarian food. for those vegetarian, i ll recommend Poached Egg on avocado-Feta mashed, Wild Mushroom Pasta, House Salad, Mushroom soup and Egg any style on Toast. 
Wild Mushroom Pasta $20
Egg any style on toast $8
The wild mushroom pasta - linguine with mushroom, scented with truffle oil and thyme. It was super yummy!! simply i love it. 
Egg any style on toast - can be poached, fried, scrambled or soft-boiled, served with country white toast. If u ask me where can get the best scrambled egg in malaysia, i ll say Plan B has the best. =P
She is cute Ss
We walked around Publika and took some photo before we leave. I enjoyed the time with my two pretty babes. We chitchat and shared everything like sista. we hav FUN. =D =D

Address: Lot1A 83-95 Level UG, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-2248 8790
Opening Hour: Daily 9 am - 10pm

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Palete Palette, Jalan Mesui

A rainy Sunday. Dragged my boyfie to Changkat Bukit Bintang area for brunch. and two buddies were joining us. At first, I planned to go to an Italian cafe but ended up we went to Palete Palette. I know this cafe from my coffee trainer last few months but too bad i forgot the cafe name. so i cant even search from google. 

But =D =D I was so happy!!! i found it accidentally on the way to the Italian cafe. it was a surprise n it made my day.  Palete Palette!!! Yes, is you : D an artsy decor restaurant and bar tat serves western cuisine. 

Palete Palette 
Palete Palette
Art splashed acrosss the wall, floor, ceiling and even the menu, recycled furniture fill in the room. The space is so colorful. For me, Palete Palette looks like a kaleidoscope ^^ 

Mushroom Cappucinno $10
we ordered Mushroom Cappucinno-Mix of wild mushrooms in a lightly creamed homemade vegetable stock with a milk foam on top. I like this soup. the taste was fine. : )

Rocket Salad $20
 Smoked Salmon Pasta $28
Rocket salad - Arugula and pumpkin topped with pine nuts in a lime coriander dressing. generous served of pumpkin n  the dressing is appetizing  =P

Smoked Salmon Pasta - Linguine with smoked salmon, zucchini and a hint of horseradish served in a light cream sauce. Topped with tobiko and a raw egg. The chef did a good job on it. light pasta sauce go well  together with the smoked salmon and tobiko. 

Pasta Carbonara $26
Pasta Carbonara - Fettuccini in a rich, creamy white sauce with a generous dose of beef bacon. hearty portion and it is not too creamy. overall 7/10. 
Popcorn * free
The Threesome $26

Stopped raining, we felt comfortable and relax at Palete Palette, we moved our seat to outside garden. We ordered some snacks and drinks. The Threesome - The trio of Chick Strips, Wedgies and 
Calamari Rings in a platter with 3 different dips. It is great to share. 
3 Pints $55
And guys ordered beers. $55 for 3 pints of Tiger/Guinness during the Happy Hours. The feeling at the moment was like having vacation =D Palete Palatte is a good place to chill. 
Cappuccino $8.5 and Affogato $8.5 
Coffee as the dessert =D time flies, we spend more than 4 hours in the restaurant. dinner time!!!! we left to Kyoto lab. ll share with u guys soon =D =D

Address: 21 Jln Mesui,off to Jln Nagasari, 503200 KL
Contact:: 03-2142 2148
Opening Hour: Tue-Thur: 12pm-12am , Fri-Sun: 12pm-2am 
Price range: $15 and above

Monday, 25 March 2013

Haikara Style Cafe and Bakery, Subang

A japanese coffee shop in Subang. Yes, it is far for me. But since it was Sunday. hehehehehe. Haikara Style cafe and Bakery is located at Casa E-tiara GF SS16/1 Subang Jaya. 

Haikara Style cafe

According to the website, Haikara Style cafe is a homemade style cafe and bakery operated by a Japanese couple from Nagoya. It serves quality food, great coffee and environment since 2008. At this cafe, one of their specialties is coffee. Also, there is a bell on every table for the customers to ring if they need service - I found it cute!

Cheese Omelette ($5.90)

Presentation is good, served with brown sauce, cream & Australian Mozzarella cheese and side salads. The dish is simple yet yummy (if u don't compare it with famous restaurant like Plan B etc. =P), probably because of the juiciness.

"Fisherman Style" Spicy Tomato Pasta ($26.90)
Vegetable Salad ($13.90), Scrambled Egg ($3.50)

The pasta is served with homemade tomato sauce with New Zealand Mussels, Japanese squid and minced octopus. To be honest, I feel slightly disappointed about it. I expected the sauce to be thicker because of the picture from the menu. But, it is still yummy with big portion. Nothing much to talk about the salad. The big portion and appetizing dressing are the remarks. Scrambled Egg is almost the same with the omelette in terms of presentation and taste, just that it is without cheese.

"Sumiyaki" Coffee (Original) ($6.90)
Cream Cappuccino ($8.90)

Always get a cup of coffee as my dessert after meal. Maybe I expected too much. it fails to surprise me at the end. "Sumiyaki" Coffee - a house special brewed from charcoal roasted coffee beans. I can't explain too much about the taste because it was 2 months ago when I visited here. All I can remember about the coffee is the bitterness. Still prefer the normal cappuccino with milk foam rather than cream cappuccino.

Despite the food is not really surprising, Haikara Style Cafe still wins my heart. The homey feel of the cafe makes me feel relax and comfortable. It doesn't have a waiter with polite smile welcoming u at the entrance nor fancy interior design like famous franchise restaurants group. However, the quiet and peaceful environment is the thing that u can never feel in those places. If u are looking for a place like this, it wont go wrong if u choose Haikara Style Cafe. =D

Address: Casa E-tiara GF SS16/1 Subang Jaya. 
Contact:: 03-56300743
Opening Hour: Tue-Thur: 10-11 , Fri-Sat: 10-10 , Sun: 10-630
Price range: $5 and above

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Restaurant Thirty8, Grand Hyatt Hotel.

After brunch at Delucca with Denise and Quenny babe, having a seemingly insatiable sweet tooth, we cant say no to desserts. We went to Restaurant 38, Grand Hyatt Hotel for afternoom tea. It is located in Kuala Lumpur city Centre and right next to KLCC.

Twin Tower view
Elegant surrounding with stunning view. Floor to ceiling glass window, provide 360 degree view of KL's skyline. Every seat is a window seat. Good place for private party, dating, fine dine etc. 

Menu Book
The first time I visited to Restaurant 38 was last year Oct with siow si babe.  But we didnt try the dessert coz we were full after had our casual lunch there. So, today we came for their dessert.

Thirthy8 signature Cake $25
Cake Devil
We ordered the Thirthy8 Signature cake to share and instead of the high tea set coz we dont think we can finish it. hahahaha. The presentation of the cake is unique. It came with a dome and fogged up by dried ice. The dry ice fog spread the scent of choco over the table and create a visually striking scene and poured some butterscotch onto the choco cake. (description copied from a blog =P) Personnaly dont really like the cake coz it is abit too sweet. One of my fren recommend me another choco cake with raspberry sorbet. I ll try next time =D

Three Gals Outing
They are my bestie. Pretty gorgeous babes =D i love to hang out and share everything with them. I m  happy to meet them in my life =D =D  Friendship forever. xo xo

Address: Thirthy8 Restaurant and lounge, Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
Contact:: 03-321821234
Opening Hour:  6am - 11pm
Price range: $20 and above

Delucca, Changkat Bukit Bintang

It was a last week outing post with my two pretty babes. I know i m lazy to update my blog. hahahahahaha. im not busy , juz lazy =P Since Quenny babe was back from Singapore last week, so we met up for brunch. We were thinking to try some cafe/restaurant which we never tried before. So, here we came to Delucca at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Delucca Interior
Delucca is an Italian restaurant. An inviting open interior lined with polished cement and dark wood furnishing. I didnt take many picture for the interior. If you r looking for a place that provide sensual and cozy ambiance, Delucca is a good choice.

Coffee or Orange Juice
To make sure the breakfast menu are available, I did some research before we headed to Delucca. Yes, they serve weekend breakfast from 10am-3pm. =D i prefer something light for my first meal. =D Delucca has exactly wat i want even though there r only 6 choices on the menu - omelette, egg benedict, the hearty (big breakfast), the veggie, oat and yogurt, pancakes.

They are FREE to refill
Breakfast come with coffee, tea, fresh juice and croissant with butter & jam. They r free to refill =D i was so surprise tat the breakfast is not tat expensive i expect. $20-&30

Buffala for the starters. Buffala - Mozzarella Buffalo and ricotta cheese with bacon & peperonata on toast. It is one of the signature dish here. Cant really remember how it taste, juz knw tat it is delicious. Worth to try =D =D ll order again for the next visit. hehehehehehe

 The Veggie & Egg Benedict
Well, for the main, we ordered The Veggie, Egg Benedict with smoked salmon and a pizza. Three eggs cooked the way u like, sauteed mushroom, baked beans, spinach and potato wedges for The Veggie. This is a good choice for vegetarian. Next, Egg Benedict, two poached eggs served on crostini with potato wedges & salad. U can add smoked salmon, streaky beef or turkey ham. We chose smoke salmon ^^ This is the best egg benedict i ever tried. super duper yummy. My babes agreed with me too. the hollandaise sauce is awesome. love it love it love it to the MAX!!!  

The Best Pizza
According to the website, many ppls comment tat Delucca serve the best wood fired pizza in town. So of coz we ordered a pizza to try for sure. My babe decide to try their signature pizza - Brurratina and Bresaola, creamy brurrayina cheese, air dried beef, rocket and marinated olives & mizuna. Yea!!! totally agree!! Slightly thicker crust strong enough to hold the gourmet topping. Yum!! Pizza range from &26-$46. 

* kitchen close at 3pm-6pm but coffee, drinks and dessert are still available.

We talked and felt so relaxing during our brunch time. We were satisfied with our food. I enjoyed my time with my babes. What a lovely weekend =D =D 

Address: No 1 Jalan Nagasari, off Jalan Raja Chulan,KL
Contact:: 03-21446545
Opening Hour: Tue-Fri : 11am-11pm Sat-Sun: 10am - 11pm 
Price range: $20 and above

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Coffee Societe, Publika

Coffee, i wasn't a coffee person and my mum is the only one who love coffee in my family. I wondered why she is so addicted to coffee? No vaunt, my mum can drink more than three cups of coffee per day. Well, after i studied in Melbourne, i started to know more about coffee and got the chance to work as a part time barista. Between, Melbourne has a stronger coffee culture compare to Malaysia. Coffee everyway in Melbourne. =D =D =D

Today im going to blog about Coffee Societe. It is situated at the same row as Coffee Stain by Joseph. I remember the first time i visited was last year, Nov. The wooden furniture in the cafe, creates a homey atmosphere. Simply love the big and long table with high chair in the cafe. n somehow I like to sit on high chair. =P Yea, at first, i was attracted by the interior design and decided to walk in to try their coffee.

 Wooden Interior
Wall Decoration

Between, the owner likes the caf and coffee  in Melbourne very much. Hence, he opened this ''melbourne style" cafe, "Bring the Melbourne to KL". hahahaha. No-wonder, the way they decorated the cafe, the coffee cups they used and some of the furniture in the cafe look familiar. The concept of the cafe is 80% similar to one of the famous cafe in Melbourne which i went before. I m so surprise and happy tat i found such a cafe in Malaysia. It makes me feel im in Melbourne. XD

 Top 3 Place for Coffee

We had Cappuccino and latte. Coffee was good and smooth with nice latte art =D They used their own house blend by Coffex coffee. Between, a good news to share =D =D Coffee Societe is serving free flow coffee and beer every friday and saturday from 6pm till late time at only $10!!!! Sounds super good isnt it? =D =D I was so excited when i knew about it. 

 Cappuccino $7.9
 Latte $7.9

Coffee Societe is not only serve coffee, they also serve western food. Another good news is the lunch there is very cheap. $10 which includes a main course and a cup of coffee!!!! but the menu is fixed and it varies from day to day.

Coffee Societe voted to be the best places for coffee by TIME OUT KL. I hope to see more and more nice cafe in KL and i ll definitely visit them one by one =D hehehehe juz bcoz i love coffee.

Address: No, D4-G3-3A Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL
Contact:: 03-6215523
Opening Hour: Mon-Sun 8.30am - 9pm
Price range: $6 and above


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mcdonal Sundae Cone

I guess most of u love Mcdonal =D =D I loved Mcdonal when i was a kid. i stop eating Mcdonald since last two years except SUNDAE CONE!!! i love it so so so so much!! ♥  IRRESISTIBLE ♥